ALP-SEBB Events Team

None of the events put on by ALP-SEBB Events, Inc happen my sheer magic alone. Alongside a countless army of volunteers (thank you and we love you all) we have a chief staff of coordinators. By their powers combined, the travelling carnival of events keeps rolling to provide y’all with some kinky entertainment.

Nitro Hankinson
Executive Director

Nitro co-founded the now ALP-SEBB, Inc back in 2008 starting with the Hotlanta Rubber and Gear club alongside SIR Alan Penrod. Ever since then he has put love and energy into making the events the best they can be to give back to the local Atlanta community. In 2011 he brought the title of International Leatherboy home to Atlanta, and has been involved with several different clubs throughout the years including Panther L/L, Atlanta S/M Solidarity, and Chicago Hellfire.

Dylan (Bull) West
Production Director

Bull (he/him) is a switchy sober fucker who thrives on energy exchange, breath play, ass play, and boots – also described as a “barnyard science experiment gone wrong.” He has been involved in the Atlanta leather/fetish scene since 2012, and over the years has also spent time in the Philadelphia and San Francisco communities before returning to Atlanta as his home. In 2013, Bull was a founding member of Team Friendly Atlanta advocating for PrEP access and broadcasting the message that Undetectable = Untransmittable. In San Francisco, Bull was an Events Committee member of the Grassroots Gay Rights Foundation; and now, serves as the Production Director for ALP-SEBB events, where he’s worked to produce events such as Atlanta Leather Pride, Southeast Black and Blue Weekend, Hotlanta Rubber and Gear Nights, Furry Nights @ Atlanta Eagle, Leather and Lace, BDSM101 Monthly Classes, and many others. Feeling just as comfortable in a sling as he does on a stage, has produced a wide range of play parties including Fort Troff Maneuvers and the quarterly Atlanta Dominion party. When he’s not in “human drag,” you can often find Bull in his Bull/Wolf fur-sona, named Bael. Bull is owned by his Sir, his brother, and his cat – Zavala.

Don Melville
Judges coordinator
Don Melville (he/him/his)- has been a member of the leather community since coming out in his early twenties. Spending his twenties and thirties fighting on the front lines for gay rights, he now enjoys watching the newer generations taking action to bring equal rights to everyone.
Don is a long-time member of the SEBB-ALP team starting as a kink educator and now as a Director. When not in gear he is a Bank Manager, Floral Designer and Jeep enthusiast. He enjoys spending time with his chosen family and his boxer mix Baxter.

Jonathan Gattis
Contestant coordinator
Bio pending

Jack Handcock
Education coordinator
Jack is a sadistic S.O.B. who enjoys many flavors of BDSM play including electro, impact, and CBT. Jack’s passion within the lifestyle is Rope Bondage. He has been handling rope since he was a child and because of this rope can be seen as an extension of him. Jack calls the Atlanta Eagle his home bar and when he is there or at another bar or lifestyle event; he is known to always have his rope with him to do some form of demo at a moment’s notice. Jack is the coordinator for Atlanta’s Men in Rope (est. 2015). AMiR’s (ah – me – er’s) focus is on introductory and intermediate rope skills with male identified bodies participating as rope models being tied by those who want to tie men. Outside of AMiR, Jack’s teachings focus on tying bodies not tying genders. Jack has been teaching, volunteering, and event planning since he was a Boy Scout as a kid. This continued through college and is ongoing in the Kink Community. He has volunteered with Circle K International, Architecture for Humanity, Dragon Con Costuming track, and presented at many Kink events. In 2023 Jack started Getting Knotting, a quarterly rope practice presented at the Atlanta Eagle. Getting Knotting is co-hosted by Atlanta’s Men in Rope, Rope Bite Atlanta, Atlanta Hitchin’ Bitches, and ALP-SEBB.

Facilities coordinator
Runt has been working behind the scenes in the leather world since he turned 21, working as the production assistant for Mr Los Angeles Leather in 2009 to 2011, volunteer coordinator for Erotic City at Christopher Street West 2010 to 2013, and always helping out as he can. After moving to Atlanta in 2016 Runt has worked with South East Black and Blue events on tasks big and small. From running extension cords for fans to climbing under a stage when we have limited time to open the bar while in full leather, if there is a task to do Runt will do it.